Sony to slap flash memory into new PSP this year?

We've heard rumblings of Sony plans to add storage to a new (possibly smaller) version of their PSP, starting with 50GB HDD rumors a year ago, but now we're hearing of a possible deal between Sony and Samsung to add 8GB of flash memory to the portable. According to "market sources," Sony has been pressuring Samsung to lower NAND flash prices by toying around with microdrives, but they're really digging on those low-power flash chips and hope to cram 8GBs worth into a new PSP due the second half of this year -- if all this is to be believed, of course. It all sounds rather similar to some Sony/Samsung 8GB dealings that went down last year that we assumed were linked to an iPod competitor in the works, which maybe is still a fair assumption. We sure wouldn't mind a bit of built-in storage in the already media-centric PSP, especially since UMDs are sort of drying up, let's just hope they can get over this Memory Stick addiction and do it on the cheap -- and soon.