Apple lays claim to iPod Hi-Fi and iPod Boombox trademarks

Another tid-bit is floating around the Appleverse, possibly pointing to a new video iPod and that new consumer line we rumored earlier. Apparently, in September Apple filed with Hong Kong's Intellectual Property peeps for the "iPod Hi-Fi" with some people saying the Hi-Fi points to a hi-res video iPod with a larger display, while others are saying it refers to the iPod (with video) that they've already released. In June they filed for "iPod Boombox," which sounds a lot like, well, an iPod boombox, doing that boombox thing -- iPod style. The descriptions aren't much help, with the iPod Hi-Fi being put down by apple as anything from a handheld to a computer to a mouse to a network, but it's not like excessive Apple vagueness has ever slowed down the rumor machine before.